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Incentive & Services

Outdoor Adventure Training Event Management Team Building

Incentive & Services

Outdoor Adventure Training Event Management Team Building

Programs are designed to serve its perspective in the corporate and business organizations, professional sports development, higher educational institutions, schools, registered societies for a good and memorable family or friendship reunion moments.

Team Building

Team Building or Experience Based Training and Development programming are mostly utilized to improve team work. Quantitative and qualitative evidence, suggest that team building can be a better choice for building teams than the usual classroom program.

Wilderness Experince

Murug Turug Waterfall, Tamparuli

As an astonishing view to the southeast, 23km from Kota Kinabalu city, as part of the background to the western coastal road in district of Papar, lays this diversified landmark of the Golden Gate of One of the Oldest Rain Forest in the World.

Awesome Climbing Kawang

Hutan Simpan Kawang, Papar

It is a new natural area that suitable for climbing activities. It provides wide range of pitch and surfaces which can accommodate the need and desire to the novice and professional climbers to experience. ACK was designed to provide 7 pitches below 17M, 1 pitch of 35M and 1 pitch of 60M; all in the range of 70 to 80 degree slope. All the anchors of the climbing are make shift and environment friendly method. Hence the damage to the nature is minimum.

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